Sudhanshu Mehta

A Fine Art Photographer

Artist Statement

“I believe; everyone has the power to create something”.

I love to create timeless art pieces, as I speak about my photographs. My artistic vision is not to change anyone’s perception instead to show how our perception defines our reality.

I choose not to limit myself at what I am seeing. I like to go beyond perceived reality to shoot my vision, which I edit very carefully to show a new possibility. The further we go from objective reality the closer we come to our own subjective reality. Once, we get our vision across, it resonates on many level and hence creates a fine art photograph.


Sudhanshu Mehta is a Fine Art Photographer and Mentor based in Bengaluru, India. He has won Global recognitions.

• In 2015, he was the only INDIAN to be Nominated in the 10th Black & White Spider awards, under Professional category in the Architectural genre.

• In 2015, Bronze Award from The EPSON International Pano Awards in the Open Nature/Landscapes category.

• In 2016, Nominated for the 11th Black & White Spider Awards, under the Professional category in the Architectural genre.

• In 2017, Honorable Mention in Monochrome Awards in Fine Art Professional category.

• In 2018, Nominated for 11th Color Awards, under Professional category in Fine Art genre.   

Fine Art Photography Mentor

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We always shoot for the moment and develop emotions for the lifetime.