Fine Art Photographer & Mentor

Sudhanshu and Vibha Studios Pvt. Ltd. came into existence in 2016.

It is a collaboration between Sudhanshu Mehta and Vibha Amrut, two individuals who began their partnership on the foundation of a common goal. We bring together vast experience and diverse skills in photography and creative services.

Sudhanshu is a  fine art photographer and mentor. He believes in creating timeless art pieces, as he speaks about his photographs. His artistic vision is not to change anyone’s perception, instead to show how our perception defines our reality.

He chooses not to limit himself. He likes to go beyond reality to shape his vision. His photographs are well composed of psychology, which are edited carefully to modify the perceived reality. The further we go from objective reality the closer we come to our own subjective reality.

Once, we get our vision across, it resonates on many levels and hence creates a fine art photograph.

Vibha is the force behind the creative direction, coordination, outcomes of photo shoots and brand creative. She also oversees corporate communications and photography workshops. Her repertoire includes multiple forms of creative design which includes branding and advertisements.

We offer services in professional photography, brand identity, creative and advertising for all the domains. With our dedicated studio and workspace, wide scope of services and skills; Sudhanshu and Vibha Studios is fully equipped to fulfill your photography, creative, branding and advertising needs. We have successfully worked with prominent global and Indian clients. We will let your brand speak for itself through our finely crafted work.

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